Born and grown
in the Middle East

Suitable for you,
no matter where you are
Our deliverables eliminate the ifs and buts that usually come with delegating. With a model that integrates artificial intelligence and first-rate talent, Ideatolife develops software that meets your goals and expectations.
Artificial intelligence, tangible results.
We live in the age of AI, but how does that affect our work? We combine our skills and knowledge with the machines’ to deliver the best. We think of it as the most ideal combination, yet.
Our proactive project managers have long-term visions that allow them to optimize their projects’ road maps. They are appointed to teams using a handful of criteria to make sure each project is implemented by the best-fit group of Ideatolife talent.
Your Personalized Dream Team
The terms “one-size-fits-all” and “one-team-serves-all” don’t exist in the Ideatolife algorithm. When it is time to designate a team for a project, we use data points (ex. Client ratings, experience, peer reviews, timezone/location, code quality, etc) to yield in the best match between the project and our core team.
Optimization-Friendly Process
Our owned tools track projects simultaneously to flag any patterns that could hint at future issues. This allows us to act upon them to make sure we are always working towards our benchmark: The best of the best.
Why Us
If you are still asking yourself this question, let us lay out the answer clearly.
You can potentially outsource your software development to any one of the tons of options out there. However, none of them will provide you with the Ideatolife experience. We understand your digital needs and tailor a solution converging top quality and reasonable pricing.
CRITERIA Ideatolife In-House Outsourced
Launching a New Project 0-3 days 1-4 Months 1-3 Months
Cost of Recruitment $0 $10-40k $0
Guarantee of Quality
Probability of Failure Very Low Low Very High
Cost of Termination None Very High Medium