Zain Group is a leader mobile telecommunication company. It recently expanded vastly as a service provider in several countries including Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain and many more … Zain Cash Agent app was designed by Ideatolife to get Zain company closer to their customers. At the same time, it offers a smooth and easy user experience which makes the whole process fast and easy.


With over 50 million users, Zain company was looking to optimize on the operations and services offered to their clients. It faced many challenges and focused on increasing the credit card penetration in Iraq. With the help of Ideatolife, and though their design thinking lab, Zain Cash developed the ultimate solution in order to facilitate the process of mobile and electronic payments. The Zain e-wallet incorporates all the business processes used by Zain Cash, performing them in a more efficient way.


An e-wallet solution for Zain providers’ agents, allowing:

  • Seamless dayto-day customer transaction performance for Cash-In and Top-Up
  • Epayment of bills
  • Purchase of egoods, allowing the agent to buy internet cards (like iTunes, Google Play, Xbox, … etc…) for other customers.
  • Loyalty programs

Ideatolife managed to solve all the problems faced during the iteration and testing processes.

The application currently handles over 3,000 requests per second, performing more than 5 million transactions per year. It also has multiple integration systems with 3rd parties.