Quest Education is an online educational website that gives students access to educational courses and workshops for an affordable price. The courses are certified by the Cambridge Management and Leadership School (CMLS). Students can also search for other educational, cultural and academic support programs and workshops organized by QuestEducation.
After completing the program and passing their exams, students receive certificates accredited by the CMLS.


The challenge is to operate a platform that includes an online as well as an offline education academic support. Quest Education’s online courses are provided through Cambridge University. As for the offline center, they provide academic support, workshops and trainings.


Starting with design thinking, Ideatolife created a platform combining many tools in order to help students:

  • Choose and attend an online course
  • Book a course in advance
  • Get evaluated
  • Receive a certificate in case they passed the course
  • Book a course, a session or a training on location
  • Full online and offline student management
  • Full event scheduling flexibility
  • Manage instructor payments

Ideatolife managed to create a platform including both an online and offline version in which all users can connect with each other.

Quest Education can now provide flexible & affordable learning tools to many students in different locations.