U-Burger enables users to either choose from the most recent top 5 items, the fixed menu, or customize their own and give it a name. In addition, clients can reserve a space to dine in while ordering ahead of time. Once the order is almost ready, customers are notified so that they come to dine in without having to wait for the food! 


U-burger was looking for a truely unique and memorable experience for their customers in order to differenciate them from all their competitors.


With its human centric approach to creating new experiences, Ideatolife’s design thinking team worked on a fun and experience-oriented solution. 

The app allows the customers to: 

  • Customize & order their special burger online with no hassle at all
  • Pay for the order online using different payment methods
  • Share their special burger with their friends
  • Reserve a spot to dine in
  • Fight their hunger by skipping the waiting time at the restaurant and arriving just on time

The mobile application is done using native technologies operating on both, Android and iOS devices. 

According to us, Ideatolife, technology and digital solutions are meant to work for people in different situations, and not the other way around.