Skrambler is a student cost saving platform that aims to empower the middle eastern community mainly. It provides discounts at students’ favorite restaurants, tickets for popular shows and sometimes gives them the chance to meet their idols or influencers based on what they are interested in.

The story

At the age of 16, when most of the students still earn money from their parents, they start feeling like they need to go out and discover more things around them. Thus, it is essential for them to enjoy some activities while socializing with their friends. This platform is what they - all the students -  need in order to reach their saving plan while enjoying new experiences.

The startup features

A platform that shows a list of offers and discounts that the students can benefit from in many different industries. The positive aspects of Skrambler are:

  • Different types of shops: clothes, restaurants, cafes, technology…
  • Shops will be advertising their offers on this app while investing in the newest generation, turning them into loyal customers
  • Skramblr loyalty program, giving the students a higher chance of being rewarded a scholarship
  • Free and exclusive to students

Ideatolife is still supporting Kassem with his entrepreneurial journey  since day one, from building the technlology all the way to his business & communication strategies to his actual operations. 


“Ideatolife have given me the chance of a lifetime, they fueled my passion and guided my idea until it evolved into the current application. Ideatolife team have been offering me the right expertise, support, and guidance along my entrepreneurial path and helped me avoid any pitfalls while building my product.”
Kassem Ezzedine Founder & CEO Skrambler