Onlivery is an online delivery mobile application, where users can order from a wide variety of restaurants their favorite dishes and have them delivered fresh and tasty to their homes.  An impeccable service for the comfort of users. After this startup kicked off with booming success, and remained the leader in the market for a while, their revenue started suddenly decreasing drastically raising many question marks that caused concern of the founder.

This is where Ideatolife stepped in.



The challenge faced by Onlivery was increasing market competition, a strong rival rose, and it was a matter of survival in a market where user-friendly experience is the essence. 



When Daniel Kofdrali, Founder and CEO of Onlivery met with us, he explained his pain to Ideatolife, and we saw that the best solution at that stage was to re-vamp entirely the frontend of the application. applying the Design Thinking methodology, Ideatolife has managed to create the touch and feel that users were looking for. 
Below were the results achieved:

  • Increased count of users by 90%
  • Increased user satisfaction by almost 120%
  • Restaurants dispatch more orders through Onlivery
  • Onlivery fleet tripled in number due to increasing demand