We propose to be your Chief Technology Officer.
Let us take care of all the necessary steps and strategic planning.
As your Chief Technology Officer, we guarantee the successful implementation of your company’s business mission through the development and deployment of its technological presence. This requires us to envision your company’s service offerings as a tech-based business, lead the execution of the solutions/applications, and plan for risk and growth.

Powered by a complete and qualified team of expert CTOs and tech leads, Ideatolife has the right mix of technical knowledge and services to develop your online businesses. Our experts can also support you in building and training teams for post-project handovers, in order to make sure the finished product lands in good hands to pursue a steady journey.
We confidently have the technology side covered for our partners.
Creating the digital infrastructure is both expensive and challenging. We understand this, and that is why we adopt an agile methodology which facilitates fast and transparent development cycles. This equates to: Faster testing and validating for our partners who can choose development resources from our offices to integrate with or replace their in-house teams.
Big Data
Data is the underlying secret to taking a business to the next level.
Data is quickly becoming the key currency in this technological era.Without a doubt, it has absolutely revolutionized the ways of the industry. Ideatolife’s big data solutions give you the opportunity to be at the forefront by engaging your enterprise to detect, oversee and analyze structured and unstructured information - ultimately, allowing you to quickly make the finest business decisions.
Data Investment
Transform your data into new opportunities rapidly and skilfully. With Ideatolife, you will have the power to turn your organization into a more agile, connected and intelligent community using our holistic and custom-made big data solutions.
Technical Offering
• Real - Time Analytics Platform
• Fraud detection
• User profiling
• Data Insight and data-driven decision
• Predective model and forecasting
Ideatolife offers a comprehensive professional package of polished UX/UI design.
Research + Development
R&D is a buzzword in the business world. And at Ideatolife, it is the stepping stone.
For all of our offerings, our team starts with research and development. Whether Ideatolife accompanies you throughout the whole journey or you just need us to help you with the research base, we can assist you with getting from ideation to validation and ending up with bringing a product to life through cutting edge technology.