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E-Ticketing System

The Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system, implemented in Banjul for the Gambia Transport Service Company (GTSC) in 2023, modernizes public transport fare collection. This system includes handheld machines used for various tasks such as selling NFC cards, topping up, issuing paper tickets, and conducting onboard inspections. Additionally, Electronic Validation Machines (EVD) on buses allow passengers to tap in and out, automatically calculating fares based on the distance traveled.

E-Ticketing System
E-Ticketing System

Supporting the system's functionality, onboard bus equipment ensures seamless connectivity and integration. The backend solution is cloud-based, ensuring high security and scalability to meet future requirements.

Despite the absence of dedicated planning systems, the AFC system compensates by incorporating basic trip planning functionalities, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and the passenger experience.

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