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Out IOT platform presents an intuitive, user-friendly IoT device management platform, catering to manufacturers, integrators, and governments alike. Its comprehensive suite encompasses everything from device connectivity to crafting application-specific smart solutions. Features include:


Asset Management:The management interface facilitates the creation, connection, and administration of assets. Users can fully customize asset types, visualize them on maps and asset pages, and utilize them for rules and dashboards, with seamless storage capabilities.implementations.


Data Presentation:Within the insights section, users can juxtapose any data source or device over time and against each other. This generated page serves as a thorough report detailing the project’s status.

Platform Of Platforms
Platform Of Platforms


Interface Agents:Interface Agents facilitate connections with external devices and services. They encompass a range of protocols, including generic ones like HTTP, SNMP, MQTT, Bluetooth, Serial, TCP, UDP, and Z-wave, as well as vendor-specific protocols like KNX and Velbus. Users can even create custom projects to integrate their own protocols.


Event-Based Automation:Event-Based Automation empowers users to monitor attributes or time-based conditions and initiate actions accordingly, such as adjusting attributes, sending push notifications, or emails. Integration with existing workflows is seamless through web hooks..

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